Everyone Who Watches Video Of McDonald’s Drive-Thru Can’t Help But Cry [video]

While reviewing the surveillance footage at a McDonald’s in Ohio, restaurant employees discovered a 27-year-old mother Jessica Wilson desperately attempting to hand her baby to the McDonald’s drive thru worker as the child’s a\father beats and pulls at her shirt and hair.

In the footage, the little family waits at the drive thru, when suddenly Jessica burst out of the passenger side of the car. She is trying to escape the child’s father, 27-year-old Levenski Crossty because he allegedly kidnapped them and beat her.

When she escapes the car, Crossty reaches and grabs her shirt before driving forward at the Cincinnati, Ohio drive thru. But since she had gotten outside, he is forced to chase after her. He climbs through the front of the car and immediately tries to take the child away from its mother…

In the surveillance footage, Crossty is seen grabbed at Wilson’s arm to restrain her. After escaping from his grasp for a moment, she rushes around the back of the car to get around to the drive thru attendant.

When she finally gets around the car, the McDonald’s worker reaches out of the window and orders Wilson to “hand the child to me” so they can get the baby to a safe place.

But Wilson failed. She could not get the baby away from the violent and aggressive father. He snatched the baby, jumped in the car, and drove away.

As the footage shows, the young mother was left stranded in the middle of the McDonald’s drive thru with no way to get home and her child kidnapped.

She then “desperately [starts] asking someone to call 911.”

Although the incident happened back in July 2016, Crossty’s trial began Tuesday and the world started taking notice of the CCTV footage.

The drama began long before the CCTV footage. Allegedly, Crossty broke into Wilson’s home where she was caring for her four children. He had pushed an air conditioner unit out of the window and climbed into her home. He then confronted Wilson about being unfaithful to him.

Because she was terrified, Wilson testified that she tried to lock herself in the bathroom. But Crossty could not be stopped and forced his way inside. Then he beat Wilson, leaving her with two black eyes, a cut across her head, and a bite mark on her hand.

The beating continued in the car and he demanded to know the passcode on her smartphone so he could see who else she had been communicating with.
“He kept hitting me, wouldn’t stop,” Wilson said.

When Crossty drove away from McDonald’s all four children were in the car, including the toddler he ripped from her mother’s grip.

Stephan Madden, Crossty’s attorney, called the case a misdemeanor domestic incident.

“There is no abduction, there is no kidnapping, there is no theft,” he said. Madden asserted that Crossty was protecting the children from their intoxicated mother.
Crossty has been charged with felonious assault, theft, and multiple counts of abduction and kidnapping.
Do you think he is guilty? Review the video evidence below!

-In the footage, the family waits at the drive-thru window, when suddenly Jessica burst out of the passenger side of the car. That’s when employees realized the sad truth…

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