Applebee’s Manager Approaches Veteran’s Table, Says $300 Bill Has Been Paid For

After risking their lives fighting for our country, military personnel deserve the best homecoming recognition possible. Whether it’s a surprise party or gathering, it’s always the least expected surprises that really make their return memorable.

Just take Scott Stranne’s homecoming experience for instance. The 21-year-old veteran had recently returned home from serving in Afghanistan, making it just in time for Veteran’s Day.

In the spirit of the holiday, he and a few other members of his motorcycle club decided to enjoy a “welcome home” meal at a local Applebee’s restaurant in Lacey, Washington. As they chatted and enjoyed each other’s company, Stranne had no idea that he and his party were being closely admired by another table nearby.

When the check came, Stranne was informed by an Applebee’s manager that their $300 bill had been paid for by an anonymous couple. The generous gift was a total shock to everyone, including the restaurant employees.

According to Stranne, the bill was quite expensive to cover as a gift. “I could see someone buying a meal or a drink, but $300 is quite a bit, it paid for the whole party,” he recalled to KOMO-TV.

Since no one would reveal the true identity of the donors, Stranne attempted to track them down on Facebook. He shared a post hoping someone would be able to give him a lead.

“I’d love for this message to reach them,” he wrote. “We are SO grateful for that… Please, if this was you, message me. I’d love love love to speak to you in person.”

Although very flabbergasted by the act, general manager Natasha Conners was still very adamant to give up any information about the couple. KOMO-TV soon picked up on the story, further helping Stranne with his search.

The young veteran just wanted to express how grateful he was for their kindness. “Because we never got the opportunity to properly thank them,” he said.

“It gives everyone faith in humanity,” he later added. “Everyone at that table had a slice of humility that night.”

The same can be said about one other soldier whose entire party experienced some of the best restaurant services at a Texas Roadhouse in Orange Park, Florida. According to wife Courtney Adams, her husband Lee returned home from Germany to surprise his father for his birthday.

Courtney could not help but share her excitement about her husband’s return. Hearing this, Texas Roadhouse decided they wanted to be part of the homecoming and did much more than just reserve a table.

Texas Roadhouse also provided a large cake for the party. The red, white, and blue cake read “stars and stripes forever” in icing.

Posted by Love What Matters on Thursday, June 1, 2017

The biggest surprise for the family came when the bill arrived. Expecting to pay for their meal like any other patron, Courtney was stunned to find her total was zero.

Texas Roadhouse covered the cost of the homecoming meal. Where the guests name is usually written on the check, Texas Roadhouse had printed “welcome home.”

For serving and protecting our nation, military service members are definitely deserving of these small acts of kindness. It’s always heartwarming to hear when soldiers are appreciated for their service and sacrifice, especially once returning home.

-It was just under a week since he returned from serving in Afghanistan when he and some friends decided to go to Applebee’s to celebrate his homecoming.
They were laughing and having a good time, but that all stopped when the manager of the store approached their table, saying the $300 bill was paid for…

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