Articles Veteran Is In Hospice Care After Horrible Accident, Please Send Prayers


A 23-year-old soldier named Chase Simmons was home, while on active duty last year. He was driving, when another car struck him. He suffered terrible injuries, including a fractured skull. He battled for an entire year, but now, sadly, it looks like he will not pull through.

“Chase is now in Hospice and is not expected to make it. His brain is shutting down according to his doctors. His father, Keith, is STILL going to work everyday as the family cannot afford for him to take the time off. The family has so many bills to pay and he can’t get paid time off to be where he should be, at his son’s bedside, during his last days.

So many thanks go to all of you who continue to support this family. They want to give him a full military funeral which will be costly but they feel it important to send their son to heaven in this manner. So now, we look to the kind hearted people of the world to help with funeral expenses. A tragic truth for such an amazing family. God bless you.

There have been comments made that the military is paying for EVERYTHING, including a full military sendoff. This is simply not true. Please check your facts first and please stop posting comments to this campaign that reflect that belief.”

Please pray for Chase and his family.

Veteran Is In Hospice Care After Horrible Accident, Please Send Prayers

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