BREAKING: Feds Get Arrest Warrant For Kate Steinle’s Killer


A federal arrest warrant has been issued for Jose Garcia Zarate.
San Francisco, CA – On Friday, the U.S. Department of Justice unsealed a federal arrest warrant for Jose Garcia Zarate, the illegal immigrant who was acquitted of murder on Thursday after he shot Kate Steinle, according to The Hill.

The arrest warrant was originally drafted in 2015 and just amended to include violations related to charges of felon in possession of a firearm, involuntary manslaughter, and assault with a deadly weapon, according to Fox News.

Fox News reported that Garcia Zarate will be be remanded into the custody of the U.S. Marshals and then “transported to the Western District of Texas pursuant to the arrest warrant.”

A jury decided on Thursday that Garcia Zarate was not guilty for the fatal shooting of Kate Steinle in July 2015.

The case received national attention because Garcia Zarate was an illegal immigrant who had been previously deported five times, and he admitted that he fired the gun.

The incident happened as Steinle, 32, walked on a pier with her father and a friend, according to CNN.

As she was walking, she was fatally shot in the back by a .40 caliber bullet, which tore through her abdominal aorta.

Surveillance video showed Garcia Zarate fleeing the scene. He was later arrested and gunshot residue was found on this hands.

Prosecutors said that he was playing his own “secret version of Russian roulette” as he deliberately fired into a crowd with a stolen firearm.

Garcia Zarate admitted to police that he had fired the gun, but claimed that he was aiming at a seal. In different accounts, he also claimed that he had found the gun wrapped up in a cloth and that it accidentally discharged as he unwrapped it.

He also claimed that he had just stepped on the gun, causing it to fire.

Prosecutors said that, immediately after the shooting, Garcia Zarate threw the gun into the bay before fleeing.

Despite this evidence, a jury declined to convict him of first degree murder or involuntary manslaughter, and only found him guilty of being a felon in possession of a firearm.

In addition to being a five-times-deported Mexican national, Garcia Zarate had just been released by the sanctuary city of San Francisco, who refused to turn him over to immigration authorities.

Do you think that San Francisco’s sanctuary city status affected the jury’s view on Garcia Zarate? We’d like to hear from you. Please let us know in the comments.

JUST IN: Federal warrant issued for Kate’s killer!

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