Republican Rep’s New Bill Has Perverts in Congress Freaking Out — It’s Time to “Name Names…”

Our lawmakers, a conclave of elitists who talk down to us and have tried to beat obeisance of liberal ‘ethics’ into us, have turned Congress into a den of iniquity that leaves the Playboy Mansion looking like a Bible camp.

The men we entrust to carry out their Constitutional duties have turned their offices into nests of harassment, elevators into lifts of depravity and work-from-home episodes into unwanted exhibitionism.

Just days before the veil of Congressional perversion was lifted, the House of Representatives approved the motion that sexual harassment training will be mandatory from that moment going forward. As an aside, this conveniently offers the prior actions of legislator perverts from being excused because it occurred before the new training.

Now, Florida Republican Representative Ron DeSantis has put forth a bill to prevent another Congressman from hiding the bribery of their harassment/assault victims.

Thanks to the shadiness of Rep. John Conyers (D-Mi), we now know that the Office of Congressional Compliance is authorized to take on a case of harassment and silences the victim with confidentiality agreements. If the investigation uncovers true harassment/assault the office pays out settlements, but does not disclose who paid out what to whom.

The Politico quotes Rep. Jackie Speier (D-Ca) as saying, “In 1995, Congress created the Office of Congressional Compliance to protect itself from being exposed, and it has been remarkably successful. Twenty years later, 260 settlements and more than $15 million have permanently silenced victims of all types of workplace discrimination. Zero tolerance is meaningless unless it is backed up with enforcement and accountability.”

That’s what DeSantis is pushing to do. On November 29 the Florida Representative tweeted, “Congressional Accountability and Hush Fund Elimination Act is a bipartisan bill that will expose taxpayer-funded sexual harassment settlements in Congress and eliminate the congressional hush fund.”

DeSantis’ threats to ‘name names’ and to cut off the slush fund that enables these perverts to live a Marquis De Sade lifestyle is sure to have the guilty scurrying for cover or retirement (e.g. Louis Guiterrez).

Great job Rep. DeSantis! Keep up the pressure!

What is your reaction?

-ZERO taxpayer dollars should be used to settle harassment suits! Do you agree?

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