BREAKING: Chelsea Clinton In Critical Condition After Attempted Suicide

A young woman admitted to the Intensive Care Unit at Westchester Mercy Hospital in Upstate New York is, in fact, Chelsea Clinton, according to the charge nurse on duty. Mariah Wahl RN, says that the woman tried to commit suicide by ingesting nearly 40 ounces of Liquid Drano and that there’s more than just a resemblance to Chelsea Clinton:

“She was brought in very secretively and nobody without top-level clearance is allowed to treat her. The signatures on her treatment plan are all stamped with a Secret Service emblem, which I’ve never seen before, and last night they closed the whole floor so she could have visitors. It was Bill and Hillary. They were covered and trying to disguise themselves but it was them.”

Wahl says she decided to reach out and tell someone because there’s no reason a young woman who has never held a government position should have the kind of taxpayer money all this covert activity must cost at her disposal. “It doesn’t make sense,” Wahl told the Post, “especially under these circumstances. The public has a right to know.

That may be true, but at least for now the situation is very hush-hush. Clinton spokesman Art Tubolls says the family is vacationing in Barbados and that he has no idea what happened to some random woman in New York:

“We wish her a speedy recovery, whoever she is.”

It could be argued that Clinton, having the full weight of the DOJ on her charity, The Clinton Foundation, was simply too much to handle. Maybe they’ve gotten just a bit too close to the truth.

Whatever the reason, the Democrats and their royalty are again hiding the truth from you to make themselves look better.

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