They Think Cop Arrived to Shut Down Jam Session. Then He Did the Unthinkable


Let’s face it. More often than not these days police officers get a bad rap.

The nightly news, social media pages, and even YouTube are full of reports and videos depicting them in situations where unnecessary force and roughness has been captured on cell phones. One need not search very far to find one.
The major problem with broadcasting these negative displays is that the good they do never seems to capture quite as much interest. Few bother to film a cop helping someone change a flat or coming to the assistance of someone in need.

It’s important to be aware that these officers of the law are everyday people just like the rest of us. They have families, they go to church, they golf, and they have hobbies like anyone else.

Most importantly, the largest percentage of them just want to do the job they were hired to do before going home to their kids. But we seldom read reports about the good they do.

At Champs Sports Bar and Grill in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin, patrons thought the officer who walked through the front door came in to shut down the live music that was being played. Perhaps the volume was a bit too loud and someone living close by complained.
The band was prepared to either turn the down volume or shut down completely as the officer approached the stage. It was then that an interesting turn of events took place, much to the surprise of everyone.

The office had no intention of making the band quit. It was not why he was there at all.

Officer Landis, who was actually just enjoying what he was hearing, decided to join musician Matt Meyer and his band on stage. They were surprised when Landis picked up a violin from the stand it was sitting in.

He then proceeded to join in with the current song, flawlessly finding his groove and going for it, much to the delight of the band and the lucky patrons. Take a listen.

The old adage “Never judge a book by its cover,” certainly held true in this instance. It’s a shame how the actions of a few can destroy the image of the majority of police officers who take their sworn oath seriously, to serve and protect. Office Landis is truly a shining example.

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-The musicians thought the cop was there to shut down their live show at the bar. But then it happened…
I was blown away the moment he started playing the violin!!